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I made a few dresses out of old Mets t-shirts for my Fashion Show/Block Party August 3rd. After I put up my show photos on my flickr site, a pretty awesome Mets blog, Brooklyn Met Fan, linked to some of my Mets dresses. Then, the nice people over at SNY, the channel the Mets games are on, saw the photos and asked if I’d put together a little feature and fashion show on the Mets dresses for Mets Weekly. Mets Weekly is the official magazine program for the New York Mets, it airs every Saturday on SNY. Obviously I said of course, they came down to the store, filmed a fashion show and interview, and are airing it this Saturday at 12:30. Watch AuH2O models Alana Corbett, Helen Frank, Sarah, Lauren Lewis and Annie Soderstrom, and me on Channel SNY, 26, on Saturday August 23 at 12:30pm, right before the Mets game at 1:00. Pretty, pretty, pretty exciting. Here’s some photos for a little preview:

Everyone in the shop before the shoot

Everyone in the shop before the shoot- Sarah, Annie, me, Alana, Helen, Lauren

Lauren and Kate

explaining Lauren Lewis’s outfit

Kate and Annie

Annie Soderstrom’s outfit- Carlos Beltram t-shirt

Kate and Alana

Alana Corbett

Kate and Sarah


Kate and Helen

Helen Frank and me, doing some serious consideration

Everyone at the end of the shoot, \

Everyone at the end of the shoot: “Let’s go Mets!”

To see ALL the pictures from the shoot, check the flickr site. Or, if you prefer Facebook, check out this album when you’re logged in. And if you’re in New York, be sure to watch Saturday at 12:30pm! Or, even better, DVR it for me since I’m going to be in Vegas, then Denver for the Democratic Convention. I figured that AuH2O for Obama took precedence over AuH2O for the Mets. But I’m still sad I won’t get to see it on TV. Also, here’s pictures from the Block Party of Lindsey Blank and Erica Swallow in AuH2O for the Mets:

Lindsey Blank in AuH2O for the Mets

Lindsey Blank, Final Season at Shea dress, photography by Martha Burzysnki

Lindsey Blank on the runway in Mets dress

Lindsey Blank, sidewalk runway in Final Season at Shea dress, photography by Martha Burzysnki

Erica Swallow in AuH2O for the Mets

Erica Swallow, sidewalk runway in a Carlos Beltram t-shirt dress, photography by Martha Burzysnki

The two dresses from the Block Party have already sold, and the one I’m wearing isn’t for sale yet- I’m holding onto that one for a little while. But the other dresses are between $45 and $60, available at AuH2O. Oh, and a lot of people have asked me about my Adidas Samba heels I’m wearing in these photos. No, I didn’t make them. I designed them and had them made out of my old Sambas and a pair of heels- completely recycled and even pretty comfortable for four inch heels. They’re the most expensive article of clothing (or shoes, whatever) that i own- $120, I love them to death, and they’re not for sale. Sorrrrrry.

UPDATE! My friend uploaded the video to youtube, so you can now watch it! Check it out on my youtube channel or view it below:


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